I have installed the newest Erlang from source. As the final step I have executed

 sudo make install

Among other things, it placed erl link in /usr/local/bin, but its permissions are insufficient for me to use, other than with sudo

 lrwxr-x---  1 root  wheel    21B Apr 19 22:26 erl@

/usr/local/bin permissions:

 drwxr-xr-x  18 root  wheel   612B Apr 20 21:45 bin/

sudo gives enough permissions to execute, but not enough to change the permissions. The question is, how do I change the permissions on these symbolic links?

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Are you using chmod's -h option (from the man page: "-h If the file is a symbolic link, change the mode of the link itself rather than the file that the link points to")? I tried it, and it seemed to do the job:

sudo chmod -h o+rx erl

Those are MacOS root files protected by Apple's System Integrity Protection
If path is set properly, it won't require root permissions to execute a symbolic link.

I wouldn't recommend, but you can allow user access by:
sudo chown -r $(whoami) /usr/local/bin

What is your current path? Heres mine for an example:
echo $PATH

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