I am using my local workstation to run applications stored on our local cluster. To load and run an application, I normally use:

module load xxx

However, there is a an application on my computer that already has the same name as a module I am trying to load. I am afraid there might be a conflict when I load such a module. Is there a way similar to Python (import xxx as yyy) to load a module and specify a different name to it. Something like:

module load xxx as yyy

Modules is a very handy package for switching your environment from being setup for one group of tools, transforming the $PATH, $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, etc. so that it's configured for an entirely different set of tools. I'm familiar with it from working in the CAD/CAM industry where we used a in house product that did essentially the same thing.

Back to your issue, you cannot load a different module using modules like that, you can however do a switch:

$ module switch module1 module2


$ module load gcc/3.1.1
$ which gcc

Now we'll switch to a different version of the module

$ module switch gcc gcc/3.2.0
$ which gcc

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