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I was running several large processes at once, and my PC froze (I suspect due to heat, its a laptop, and the fan was at maximum for several minutes just prior to locking up). The mouse cursor moved, but clicks had no effect. I could still hear sound from one of the processes, but it was visually frozen. I hit ctrl-alt-f2 as a last ditch effort to get it to do something before a hard reboot, and it switched to tty2. So, I switched back to 1, logged in, and ran startx.

My who output:

nexus@Lithium ~ $ who
nexus    tty1         2014-02-26 11:14
nexus    tty7         2014-02-20 09:50 (:0)
nexus    pts/0        2014-02-26 10:21 (:0.0)
nexus    pts/2        2014-02-26 11:11 (:0)
nexus    pts/3        2014-02-26 11:23 (:1)

I figured out the pts sessions are where I had the terminal emulator open. I would like to reconnect to pts/0, and be able to view and use (save and close) the process it is running. Is this possible? Just want to open a new terminal somehow and get it to "take over" or "emulate" or "mirror" the original term. I can still hear the music in the background from the game in pts/0, and firefox is still running under that tty as well, so that I can't run a new firefox process.

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  • screen might be able to do this. – Graeme Feb 26 '14 at 20:28
  • tmux is another option. – schaiba Feb 26 '14 at 20:38

There is a tool retty which is supposed to be able to do that. Have a look at its web page and its Ubuntu man page.

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