We started using a new integration and production pipeline called GO. To execute a bash script there, the convenient way is to use the bash command instead of executing the script directly. For that the bash is called in a login shell, so the command I'm trying to execute the following:

bash -l run_tests `cat myserver.url`:8080
bash -l run_tests $(cat myserver.url):8080

But the whole cat myserver.url is passed as a string instead of being executed. Any ideas?


I wrote a little test script

$ cat run_tests 
echo "$@"
echo $0 Starting tests with $1
echo tests done

and ran following, (note quotes around -c "string")

$ bash -l -c "./run_tests $(cat furl):8080"
./run_tests Starting tests with http://abc.com/:8080
tests done
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    Many thanks, it works like charm, only by convention you have to remove the -c since this param is assosiated with passing linux commands not files, I corrected my question. Many thanks!!!! – Moataz Elmasry Feb 26 '14 at 13:05

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