Is there a way to undo a chmod command on a directory in CentOS ?


The answer is simple,
No it's not and if you still get the list of your authorization, then you can only restore them through a script or manually.


No, the only way how to revert chmod changes is from backup. Or maybe if these files come from an rpm package use rpm --setperms.

  • Backup is also an option I forget this one I never save file permission in my backups :D now I see I should
    – Kiwy
    Feb 26 '14 at 10:38

If the directory is part of the system or an installed package managed by rpm you can find out which package it is part of with rpm -qf /directory and then can try rpm -qV <package> (verify) to see what the installed permissions settings were. You can then revert to those with chmod manually or with rpm --setperms as stderr mentioned.

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