I am not sure how to install libusb 1.0.9 on Arch Linux. pacman does not offer it and the package seems to have been deleted from the repository. I tried compiling from source but it does not seem to be picked up correctly.


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You are looking for a package that no longer exists.

Arch doesn't work like that: it is a rolling release so, as newer packages are pushed to the mirrors (on a daily basis), the older ones are removed: attempting to download one will typically throw a 404 error.

If you must build a package from source (to make customizations, for example); make sure your machine is fully up-to-date (pacman -Syyu) and use either a PKGBUILD from ABS or, if the package is not in Arch's official repositiories, the AUR.

This way you can be sure1 that you will be building a package with the correct dependency versions and pacman will manage the final installation (and eventual removal, if you decide to do that).

You should only really use the traditional compilation method and bypass pacman if you really are confident you know exactly what you are doing.

1. Assuming, of course, the AUR packager knows what they are doing; it is, after all, an unsupported repsitory so use with caution.

  • Right. I'm not used to arch. I'm used to installing rpms on CentOs and then installing what I need using yum Feb 22, 2014 at 22:21

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