At the moment, I'm working on a big LaTeX document about mathematics and once in a while I do some spell-checking on it. As you can guess, there are a lot of words which are not in a standard dictionary. But I've added them with aspell with a to the standard dictionary.

aspell -d de -t -c my-document.tex

Is there a way to export my words (and only those)?

Restoring seems to be quite simple: another question.


When dealing with aspell if you're not sure where things are stored it's best to consult its configuration to find out.

$ aspell --lang=en dump config | less

The 2 items that will tell you where the added words are ending up are as follows:

# home-dir (string)
#   location for personal files
# default: <$HOME|./> = /home/saml

# personal (string)
#   personal dictionary file name
# default: .aspell.<lang>.pws = .aspell.en.pws

So with this information in hand you can consult the file $HOME/.aspell.en.pws. Which contains the added words.


Now say we have this file.

$ cat sample.txt 

Now we spell check the file, sample.txt.

$ aspell -t -c sample.txt

                    ss #1

So we add the word loook, in the same manner you've described, using a with the word selected.

Now if we consult the file mentioned above.

$ cat .aspell.en.pws 
personal_ws-1.1 en 1 


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There is a file where all the added entries are, which is by default (for english):



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