I'm trying to install Elementary OS Luna on my PC. The problem is that every time I try to boot from my usb, on which I've got the OS installation files, it fails.

First I press F12 to get to the Boot Manager, then I select the usb-hdd option and press enter. Then I see a black screen with some log messages and in the middle of the screen there's a message saying "KingstonDataTraveller (- this is the name of the USB I'm using) capability - disabled".

It looks like my BIOS can't open the files on the USB or I might have to change some other BIOS settings. This screen stays for a few seconds and then my Windows 7 load again.

Please help me I can't see what's wrong. I've created the bootable USB by using UNetbootin. This shouldn't be a problem, should it?

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When you go into your BIOS usually f2 or f10, go into configuration, USB legacy and enable that setting. That should enable the USB.

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