While loading the KDE UI Linux boots to kdm, then I get a "bad" sound and black screen. Logs reveal the line in the title. I can ctrl - alt - F4 just fine from there.


  • chmod 755 on /,/home,/home/kellogs
  • Verified I have no SElinux on the machine
  • Removed samba from services that are launched at boot time

What else? (logs show $HOME as equivalent to /home/kellogs, so it knows where to go...). Oh, and, it used to work fine until I screwed around with samba...


enter image description here

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    You did not chmod / to 755 did you? That is a very bad idea, never touch the permissions of /. Anyway, please show us the relevant error message and post the output of ls -ld /home/kellogs. – terdon Feb 17 '14 at 16:18
  • @terdon - incoming! – kellogs Feb 17 '14 at 16:49

Looking at the screenshot you not only did a chmod 755 on /home/kellogs you also did a chown 755 thus making that directory not owned by user kellogs. So now you can't write to it. You can see this where it says '755' before kellogs.

Fix it by running chown kellogs /home/kellogs.

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