At my college some 20 years ago they ran HPUX and had several X-terminals (terminals with graphic-cards that ran an X server, but left the running of X clients to the main computer). The college had several servers, so rather than getting the normal Display Manager screen with GUI login and password prompt, you got a list of servers with their load-averages. Once you selected one of the server, you got the usual Display Manager prompt.

What is the generic name of such a choosers? (I mean "generic" in the way WindowManager is generic as opposed to mwm, fvwm or afterstep and DisplayManager is generic as opposed to xdm, mdm and asdm).

Is it a specific program, or something like an option to the DisplayManager? If it's a specific program, which are available? Are there any which is part of the standard X packages (or perhaps as a contrib)?

Wordlist (what I mean):

  • DisplayManager: Used with GUI-logins, prompts for username and password.
  • WindowManager: Draws window-borders, allows resizing, moving, minimizing etc. Often with extra functions (like DesktopManager).
  • DesktopManager: Allow switching between separate and/or parts of an oversized desktop.
  • DesktopEnviroment: Combination of WM, DesktopManager and a set of commonly used utilities and applicatins; all with a similar look and feel, all integrated (more or less) together, often with some standards about menu choices and buttons (easy to recognize between different programs).

Pretty sure you are looking for is X display manager.

Apologies for too short a response, I meant to expand, saying that everything you are looking for is available at that wiki page. It is just a DisplayManager that is configured to show remote options. Look at the section on XDMCP for specifics on how that works.

If you want an example of how to configure a specific DisplayManager. I'm sure someone can work on that.

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