I've installed weblogic 10.3.3, configured simple domain with default configuration. And after starting weblogic I cannot use it via admin console because it is starting too slow (~10 mins). It seems that admin console application is being deployed incorrectly. Even when I enable 'staging' mode in AdminConsole deployment options, it does not help. Does anybody have a solution for this problem? It really bugs me out.

Configuration properties:

Server: Dell PowerEdge r410 server (Six-core Intel® Xeon® x64 CPU, 8GB RAM)

OS: Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 x86_64

Weblogic: 10.3.3 x64 (used wls1033_generic.jar file for installation)

Java:: 1.6.0_17_i586 (tried with different jdk's including x64, but it does not work either)


Turns out weblogic uses random number generator during startup. Because of the bug in java it reads random bits from /dev/random. There are almost no problems with /dev/random except that it is extremely slow. It takes sometimes 10 minutes or more to generate one number. Simple solution exists – using /dev/urandom instead. It is not that good as /dev/random, but at least it is instant. Java somehow maps /dev/urandom file to /dev/random. That’s why default settings in $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/java.security are useless, they just do not make any sense.

Problem fix is very simple – adding string export JAVA_OPTIONS="-Djava.security.egd=file:/dev/./urandom" to the /etc/bash.bashrc file. Usage of /dev/./urandom instead of simple /dev/urandom is another hack. JVM does not understand the option value otherwise.

Be aware of this problem if you try to setup weblogic under UNIX-based OS.

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