I did manage to find a set of scripts to install Ubuntu 13.10 onto a Chromebook (see link). However, every hour or so, I get a "System program problem detected" error. This is obviously not very reassuring.

How do I install Debian onto a Chromebook? I have heard that it is more stable than Ubuntu.


You basically have 2 choices if you want to install an alternative OS.

NOTE: you'll need to enable developer mode, so you'll be forgoing verified boot. These 2 tutorials should get you started.


Enable developer mode and legacy boot (you'll find a lot of tutorials) and then you can install via USB-Stick. Worked fine for me ( http://blog.mdosch.de/2013/12/04/debian-gnulinux-auf-dem-chromebook-acer-c720-installieren/ - german) But to get the touchpad working in debian I had to rebuilt the kernel. You can find it there: http://files.mdosch.de/acer-c720-kernel/

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