I have a new Arch Linux installation using awesome wm and no desktop environment. If I put smb://server/share as a URI on pcmanfm, the mount succeeds after prompting me for my credentials, and I can browse the files and directories, but not open or copy anything.

Right-clicking and choosing properties shows owner and group of 0, and there aren't any files under /run/user/.... If I mount it as follows (not using gvfs), I can access the files as expected, so I know the server end is working.

sudo mount -t cifs //server/share /mnt/share -o 'user=user,password=password,workgroup=workgroup'

I would really like to get it working under gvfs, because this is a very Windows-heavy workplace and the shares I need to access change frequently. What could be causing this issue, and how to fix it?


This was a result of not having a fuse group, and not being added to that group. To create the group and get added to it, run:

# groupadd fuse
# gpasswd -a [user] fuse

Log out and back in to apply the group changes.

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