i want to modify the browser configuration and i was unable to find "browser" java script file in installation directory i.e. /.Mozilla/Firefox/default/profile/. please provide me the link for browser.js

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    Better tell us what you want to achieve, provide possible solutions that you thought of and leave the people free to come up with working and/or alternative solutions to your problem (because your problems is not finding the browser.js file, it is modifying something in Firefox) – Anthon Feb 15 '14 at 11:20

You can either use the command locate or find to "find" this file if you cannot "find" it.


$ find / -iname "browser.js"


$ locate browser.js

Both methods will search the entire filesystem. The find method will scan the disk in realtime looking for this file, while locate will search a database of files that's typically maintained by most Linux systems.


There is no such file part of the Firefox distribution, so there is no browser.js file for you to find. You will have to search for another way or another file to implement your changes.

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