I'm trying to upgrade my Fedora install from 19 (3.12.8-200.fc19.x86_64) to 20. I have installed and ran fedup, it creates a new entry on the boot list but a progress screen is briefly displayed and then it reboots back to Fedora 19.

Here's what I tried:

# yum install fedup
# yum --enablerepo=updates-testing upgrade fedup
# fedup --network 20
# fedup-cli --network 20

and by following this post:

# yum install rpmconf; rpmconf -a 
# find /etc /var -name '*?.rpm?*' 
# yum install yum-utils; package-cleanup --leaves
# package-cleanup --orphans 
# yum install fedup
# fedup-cli --network 20 --debuglog /root/fedupdebug.log

Is there a way to log what happens at the post-reboot stage? It seems to be failing at this phase.

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