I'm using Android Studio, and in the drop down list of fonts is Source Code Pro. On that list, the font looks quite nice, but the preview below (and what I get when I select it) is horrible. I'm using "size 14". I thought perhaps that Android Studio is using a bitmap for that text, rather than rendering it, and I couldn't find any evidence the font was installed as the System Settings part of Linux Mint KDE 13 doesn't offer it in any lists of fonts, so I downloaded it, copied the files (.otf.woff and .ttf.woff format) into


then ran

fc-cache -fv

Part of the output of this is:

/usr/share/fonts/truetype/sourcecodepro: caching, new cache contents: 0 fonts, 0 dirs

Suggesting it's not recognizing it.

I've even rebooted (Windows habits die hard) but I can't see this font anywhere other than in Android Studio.

Am I doing something wrong in how I install this font?

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I don't think there is a way to directly install web font in Mint (Ubuntu/Debian based).

  • If those font are in real format TTF or OTF than remove .woff extension from their names. (leave only known extensions .ttf or .otf)

  • Otherwise, use woff2otf to convert them first.

Reference: How to convert WOFF to TTF/OTF via command line?

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