When you select something, the color of the selection usually changes to the font color, and the font color is being set to backgroud color. So, if you have a black background in a terminal, and the font is orange, you will get an orange selection and a black font color.

What would happen if you had a transparent window, and the transparency was set to 100%? Just take a look at the following pics.

The one with a black background:


And the transparent one:


Is there a way to change the font/background color of transparent windows?


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I found a solution. There are two parameters that can be used (added to the ~/.Xresources file):

URxvt*highlightColor:       #000000
URxvt*highlightTextColor:   #D75F00

Here's the explanation:

   highlightColor: colour
       If set, use the specified colour as the background for highlighted
       characters. If unset, use reverse video.

   highlightTextColor: colour
       If set and highlightColor is set, use the specified colour as the
       foreground for highlighted characters.

And now the selected text on fully transparent window looks like this:


  • 3
    This makes selected text readable, however actual reverse video is still unreadable.
    – Darkwater
    Mar 6, 2015 at 9:32

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