I just don't understand why I cannot see my Fedora 20 having it planned to triple boot it with Debian 7 and openSuSe 13.1.

Initially I partitioned my system to: /dev/sda1 for openSuSe 13.1 /dev/sda2 for Debian 7 /dev/sda3 for Fedora 20 /dev/sda4 for swap

The sequence of my installations are as follows:

  1. Install Debian 7.
  2. Install Fedora 20.

I just checked if this works, and it worked out OK so I continue installing Fedora 20 (step 3).

But, when I boot, the bootloader cannot find "Fedora 20". It just displayed Debian and openSuSe as choices.

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    Which bootloader are you using? From which OS? You may not have installed os-prober.
    – enedil
    Commented Feb 13, 2014 at 21:35

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Try installing Fedora first and then Debian. Debian usually plays well with others, as long as it the last kid picked.

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