I'm using Dropbox without the GUI in Linux. I would like to limit the upload rate, sometimes large files eats my internet bandwidth. Anyone knows how I do that?


You can start the Dropbox executable under trickle. This is a simple program that limits the bandwidth used by the program that it starts.

trickle -u 42 dropbox.py
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  • Great idea! Unfortunately trickle together with dropbox causes 100% CPU for me - any ideas? – fanti Jul 6 '14 at 21:22

If using the CLI program provided by Dropbox, then the builtin throttling can easily be accessed.


./dropbox.py throttle 2000 100


$ ./dropbox.py throttle help
set bandwidth limits for Dropbox
dropbox throttle DOWNLOAD UPLOAD

Set bandwidth limits for file sync.

DOWNLOAD - either "unlimited" or a manual limit in KB/s
UPLOAD - one of "unlimited", "auto", or a manual limit in KB/s

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For dropbox this doesn't work well since the runner script is just that, a script.

In order for trickle to have any effect it needs to be run on the binary itself.


trickle -s -u 100 -d 200 -w 5 ~/.dropbox-dist/dropbox-lnx.x86_64-54.4.90/dropbox

but the version number can change!

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