I work on AIX. I have a lot of sql files that contains the following string:


How could I change it in each file so that it remains only


I have tried following pattern of sed.

sed 's/^[^\.]\+\.//'

But it returns only ".".

I need to change files directly. As I think we should pipe output of grep to sed. remember I am on AIX

sed -n -e "s/^${DB_USERNAME}\.${TABLE_NAME}\$/${TABLE_NAME}/" -e p filename


sed -i -e "s/^${DB_USERNAME}\.${TABLE_NAME}\$/${TABLE_NAME}/" filename

to change the file directly.

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    -i is not a standard option in sed and if GNU tools are not install it's very unlikely that it will be supported on AIX – Kiwy Feb 12 '14 at 10:54

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