For example, say I have a recording with lots of noise and people speaking, I'd like to tag areas where people are speaking with a 1, and by default everywhere else is 0. Then save this file separately, one tag per sample.

mhWaveEdit has an ideal user interface to do this, but this tagging functionality isn't included and the project seems to be moribund at present.


It's easy to add new functionality to mhWaveEdit. Get the source and look at some of the existing functions in mainwindow.c. You'll be using w->doc->chunk->length, w->doc->selstart, and w->doc->selend. There is a function create_menu where you can insert some menu items in menu_items1[], and because the functionality is probably based on selection, you'll need to revise need_selection_names[]. The selection size is 1:1 with actual samples, you don't have to worry about scaling or translation in the UI.

Good luck!

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