I'm trying to debug a network problem on an embedded system which has a very limited set of user space applications. That is, I can't use any of the following

sudo lsof -i
sudo netstat -lptu
sudo netstat -tulpn

How can I read which sockets are bound from /sys or /proc?

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Netstat and lsof get their information from /proc/$pid/fd/* for per-process data and from /proc/net/tcp, /proc/net/udp, /proc/net/icmp and /proc/net/raw for IPv4 socket information (and /proc/net/tcp6, /proc/net/udp6 and /proc/net/raw6 for IPv6). The equivalent of your commands is mostly to read these files in /proc/net (plus DNS lookups).

For debugging purposes, consider uploading a binary of lsof to your system, it can be a lot more convenient than rummaging in /proc.


You can get the list of binded sockets from /proc/net/tcp[6], /proc/net/udp[6] and /proc/net/raw[6].

Beware if converting the hex values in those files to "normal" IP adresses, they are in little-endian (e.g. 3900060A represents and not as least significant byte comes first).

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