Running screen I see this:

How can I start screen directly, without this welcome screen?

  • You can also switch to tmux which does not have startup screen. – Vi. Feb 10 '14 at 13:26

Add startup_message off to your .screenrc:

startup_message on|off

Select whether you want to see the copyright notice during startup. Default is `on', as you probably noticed.

Actually, the default is to display the startup message only when screen is not passed any argument.

  • I didn't had the file, but I created it nano ~/.screenrc and pasted startup_message off in it and it worked. Thanks! – machineaddict Nov 24 '17 at 9:03

You also don't get it if you start screen with the name of a screen session.

$ screen -S newsession

You can then reconnect to it later on:

$ screen -r newsession

Browsing through the man-page of screen, I encountered

-f, -fn, and -fa

       turns flow-control on, off, or "automatic switching mode".  This can also be defined through the "defflow" .screenrc command.

And indeed, with screen -f I do not get this kind of splash-screen. Please check with this Flow Control Summary if it somehow interferes with your work, as I do not have experience with this settings.

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