How can you search for all lines containing “55=MSFT” and not containing the string “OPEN” in a file, then redirect the output to a file named MSFTFILE?


grep for the first string, then pipe the output to grep -v which matches all lines without OPEN, then direct the output to MSFTFILE.

Edit: Use -h option of grep to suppress filenames in grep output if required.

grep -h -- '55=MSFT' * | grep -v OPEN > MSFTFILE

(however note that the second grep may match on the filenames)


You can also do this in Perl:

perl -ne 'next if /OPEN/; print if /55=MSFT/;' file > MSFTFILE

This should be pretty much self explanatory: next line if this line matches OPEN and print if it matches 55=MSFT.

awk '/55=MSFT/ && ! /OPEN/'

sed -e '/55=MSFT/!d' -e /OPEN/d

grep 55=MSFT | grep -v OPEN

perl -ne 'print if /55=MSFT/ && !/OPEN/'
cat filename | grep "55MSFT" > MSFTFILE

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