I am extracting information from a website. I designed the code in VBA and found that it is taking too long to execute. So, I have decided to rewrite the code in Unix script. I am extracting a page information using curl command as below.

page="$(curl http://www.somesitename.com/)"

Now, the variable $page contains the entire page contents in a HTML format. I am looking for a particular div class in the web page.

I use the grep command as below.

output=$("$page"|grep "div class=\"my_class_name\"")

If I just use echo "$page"|grep "div class=\"my_class_name\"" I get the contents of div in the echo statement. However, as above when am trying to save it in a variable and printing, I am getting the entire HTML page contents as output.

I just need to check if the pattern "div class=\"my_class_name\" occurs in the page.

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    Will output="$($page|grep \"div class='my_class_name'\")" work. Encasing the entire command might do the trick
    – Jeight
    Feb 8 '14 at 0:20

Go ahead and try using the following:

output="$($page|grep \"div class='my_class_name'\")"

Encasing the entire command in quotes should do the trick.

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