Using kali linux 1.0 in dual boot with windows 8. I have an NTFS partition (D: on windows) I usually mount it on both OS. I face the following problem 1. cannot access some folders in NTFS partition. (unable to see them on linux but works fine with windows). I don't face any errors while mounting it. also my /media directory shows 3 files with same name which represent my D: (ntfs drive m talking about) here is output of ls command in /media directory

root@code:/media# ls
01CD1F0FE77B9960   01CD1F0FE77B9960__  cdrom0       usb   usb1
01CD1F0FE77B9960_  cdrom               truecrypt11  usb0

01CD1F0FE77B9960 is the NTFS partition. How can i get rid of this?


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This is a total guess but I did come across this thread related to Win8 + NTFS: How to Mount Windows 8′s OS Partition in Ubuntu (12.10 & 12.04), After ‘Hybrid Boot’ is Used?. I'd be curious if these directories went away with the addition of remove_hiberfile to the mounting options for this share.

Also I can't help but notice that truecrypt11 folder. Are you encrypting either folders or using whole drive encryption on this disk? That would lead me to think that perhaps those files aren't accessible due to the encryption.

  • no, m not using truecrypt on my NTFS partition and it occurs even after disabling fast startup feature Feb 8, 2014 at 14:45

I don't know why it happens but there is a way to handle this. The 01CD1F0FE77B9960 (D: drive) is here split into three 01CD1F0FE77B9960_, 01CD1F0FE77B9960__ and 01CD1F0FE77B9960. you can browse them from /media directory. your data is in one of them for sure. Also you can merge them from time to time say once in a month. sources : http://cantstopgeeking.blogspot.in/2014/02/tips-for-linuxwindows8-dual-boot-users.html

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