I 'm running Angstrom distribution (console only) on BeagleBoard-xM. Image was build on Narcissus, with Bootloader Files (x-load/u-boot/scripts) added.

I noticed that usr/src directory is empty. I intend to install kernel source packages. For this reason, I downloaded Linux kernel 2.6.32 from https://www.kernel.org. What should be my next steps? I 've been searching for days, but I didn't find anything.

Any help would really be appreciated.

  • Err... you sure your distribution doesn't include a package manager that do that for you? look for linux-source or linux-src package. BTW, don't use 2.6!!! – Braiam Feb 6 '14 at 23:03

Just untar (tar xf kernel-sources.tar.whatever) it into /usr/src - or anywhere else for that matter.

Just remember that if you want to use the symlinks /lib/modules/kernel/{build,source} that point to the kernel build and source tree, respectively, as created by make modules_install, you'll need to either keep the sources at the same place, or update the symlinks accordingly.

That said, if you are planning anything else than just one-off kernel compilation, clone Linus' or any other git tree and use that instead of the tarballs. It can be interesting even for "just" configuring the kernel, since you can get .config versioning for free.

  • The command is tar not tax – Daniel Alder Mar 22 '16 at 8:45

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