I have windows 7 and I installed VMware (VMware-player-5.0,2-1031769) and want to put fedora 18 in it but after complete installation is done I'm getting the below error:

The guest operating system has locked the cd-rom door and is probably using the cd-rom which can prevent the guest from recognition media changes. If possible eject the CD-ROM from inside the guest before the disconnection.

Disconnect anyway and override the lock?

Can anyone help me to come out of this problem...


The solution probably depends on it which application has locked the drive. A reboot of the VM should solve the problem (and be the easiest way to do so). A disconnect by the hypervisor should not cause problems, though.


I have installed Fedora 16 instead of Fedora 18 in VM and by doing this my VMPlayer started running with Fedora successfully .

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