I've installed drivers from nVidia Graphics Drivers repo in OpenSuse 13.1. The drivers didn't work well so I've uninstalled them. After this X-Windows would not start at all, with the last message:

[OK] Reached Target Graphical Interface

What happened?

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It's the same problem as with ATI drivers, as discussed on OpenSuse forum 2 years ago:

ATI Driver installs have destroyed SUSE/GNOME graphics setup

Uninstalling RPMs doesn't revert changes made during installation and leaves system with:

  1. symlink /var/lib/X11/X pointing to nonexistent /usr/bin/X.x11-video-nvidiaG03 (it should be reverted to point to /usr/bin/Xorg)

  2. changed DISPLAYMANAGER_XSERVER value in /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager (it should be changed back to Xorg)

(The link above has more details. But it took me a couple of hours of reading logs, rebooting and googling to find it. Maybe this Q&A will save someone's time).

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