I'm using Putty to ssh into a RedHat box, and I'm running GNU emacs inside the putty ssh window.

When I turn on whitespace-mode using M-x whitespace mode, I notice I see a "Â" before each space or tab character:

»       this·is·a·tab$

has anyone seen this before? I suspect its because of my terminal settings.

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· in latin1 is the byte sequence c2 b7. That same byte sequence interpreted in UTF-8 is the character ·. So what's happening is that Emacs believes your terminal displays UTF-8 (Unicode) but your terminal actually displays latin1.

PuTTY supports UTF-8, so the easiest solution is to tell it to use UTF-8, at least when connecting to this host. As an added benefit, you'll be able to use characters outside latin1.

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