I have to start an application with my own user rights, but the group must be different. So, instead of:

$ ps -eo "user,group,args" | grep qbittorrent
morfik   morfik      /usr/bin/qbittorrent

it should be for example:

$ ps -eo "user,group,args" | grep qbittorrent
morfik   p2p      /usr/bin/qbittorrent

It also has to be done without asking about password. Is there a way to achieve this?

  • Sorry can't comment so put this follow up in answer area.<br> sg doesn't seem to work in our case. A user usually needs to use "newgrp" command to change to "jazz" group to be able to descend into a particular directory "dirA" from commandline. But he can't find a way to get "nautilus --browser" to descend into that "dirA". He tried "ng jazz -c 'nautilus --browser'" but it still can't descend into "dirA". How come?
    – CLTECH
    Apr 16, 2018 at 15:00

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Use sg.

For example, the following command will invoke sleep for group group-name

sg group-name -c 'sleep 100'

From the man page:

   sg - execute command as different group ID

   sg [-] [group [-c ] command]

   The sg command works similar to newgrp but accepts a command. The
   command will be executed with the /bin/sh shell...
  • Pretty simple, and it works. :) Feb 3, 2014 at 1:50
  • Note that to avoid getting asked for a password, you have to be member of the group before running sg. Jan 28, 2021 at 16:24

sg ask for group password

sudo have option -g that do same by user password.

it require mention group in sudoers

I changed /etc/sudoers by

%wheel All=(ALL) ALL


%wheel All=(ALL:ALL) ALL

Sometimes it more convenient

Safe way to edit sudoers is:

sudo sudoedit /etc/sudoers

To avoid the password prompt with sg add yourself as a member of the group

    sudo gpasswd -M morfik p2p

You may also need to remove the password and restrict access to only members

    sudo gpasswd -r p2p
    sudo gpasswd -R p2p

man gpasswd will give you more detail

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