I have an issue with a script, which works fine except that it only sends email when I run it directly from the shell but when called during crontab it doesn't send the emails.

There are 2 scripts the main script which does a backup and it calls another script which sends the email. the backup script dump the summary of the operation in a file and reads the file again when to pass it to the email sender script to send. Based on how ssmtp works that's the architecture I have come up with.

I needed to change the subject based on the success or failure of the operation. I have been using my gmail thus using the ssmtp library to send the email.

How to make the backup script send the email when called by crontab schedule?


# File system Parameters
TIMESTAMP=`date +%F-%H.%M.%S`
TODAYS_DATE=`date +%Y-%m-%d`


# Email Parameters


echo; echo "files will be geneated in  $BACKUP_PATH" | tee $TEMPLATE_FILE

[ ! -d  $BACKUP_PATH ] && mkdir -p $BACKUP_PATH || : 

if [ -d "$BACKUP_PATH" ]; then


    echo; echo "=> $(date +%F-%H.%M.%S) Backing up Mongo Server: $MONGO_HOST:$MONGO_PORT" | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE; echo -n ' ' ;

    if [ "$MONGOUSERNAME" != "" -a "$MONGOPASSWORD" != "" ]; then
        $MONGODUMP_PATH --host $MONGO_HOST:$MONGO_PORT --out $TMP_BACKUP_DIR >> /dev/null

    echo; echo "=> $(date +%F-%H.%M.%S) Mongo Server: $MONGO_HOST:$MONGO_PORT  backup files generated"  | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE; echo -n ' ';

    if [ -d "$TMP_BACKUP_DIR" ]; then

        if [ "$FILE_NAME" == "" ]; then

            FILE_NAME = "mongodb-$TIMESTAMP"

        echo; echo "=> $(date +%F-%H.%M.%S) dumping file into  $FILE_NAME.tar.gz"  | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE; echo -n ' ';

        $TAR_BIN_PATH --remove-files -czf $FILE_NAME.tar.gz $TMP_BACKUP_DIR >> /dev/null

        if [ -f "$FILE_NAME.tar.gz" ]; then

            echo "=> $(date +%F-%H.%M.%S) successfully generated file $FILE_NAME.tar.gz of size: `du -sh $FILE_NAME.tar.gz` " | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE; echo;

            echo; echo "=> $(date +%F-%H.%M.%S) Uploading $FILE_NAME.tar.gz to $S3_BUCKET_NAME on s3" | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE; echo -n ' ';

                s3cmd put $FILE_NAME.tar.gz s3://$S3_BUCKET_NAME/$S3_BUCKET_PATH/$FILE_NAME.tar.gz

        count=$(s3cmd ls ${filename} | awk "\$4 == \"${filename}\" { print \$4 }" | wc -l)
#            if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
         if [ $count -eq 0 ]; then

                echo "!!!!=> File $FILE_NAME.tar.gz could not be added to s3" | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE
                /bin/sh "$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh" "$EMAIL_RECIPIENT" "$EMAIL_SENDER" "$EMAIL_SUBJECT_CONTEXT BACKUP FAILURE [s3 Upload]" "$(cat $TEMPLATE_FILE)"

               echo "=> $(date +%F-%H.%M.%S) File $FILE_NAME.tar.gz has successfully be added to s3" | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE
                           /bin/sh "$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh" "$EMAIL_RECIPIENT" "$EMAIL_SENDER" "$EMAIL_SUBJECT_CONTEXT BACKUP SUCCESSFUL" "$(cat $TEMPLATE_FILE)"

            if [ -d "$TMP_BACKUP_DIR" ]; then
                    rm -rf "$TMP_BACKUP_DIR"

            echo "!!!=> Failed to create backup file: $BACKUP_PATH/$FILE_NAME.tar.gz"  | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE; echo;
            /bin/sh "$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh" "$EMAIL_RECIPIENT" "$EMAIL_SENDER" "$EMAIL_SUBJECT_CONTEXT BACKUP FAILURE [Failed to gzip $FILE_NAME.tar.gz]" "$(cat $TEMPLATE_FILE)"

        echo; echo "!!!=> Failed to backup mongoDB or Nothing to Back up"  | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE; echo; 
        /bin/sh "$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh" "$EMAIL_RECIPIENT"  "$EMAIL_SENDER"  "$EMAIL_SUBJECT_CONTEXT BACKUP FAILURE [Nothing to back up]" " $(cat $TEMPLATE_FILE)"

     echo "!!!=> Failed to create backup path: $BACKUP_PATH" | tee -a $TEMPLATE_FILE
     /bin/sh "$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh" "$EMAIL_RECIPIENT" "$EMAIL_SENDER" "$EMAIL_SUBJECT_CONTEXT BACKUP FAILURE [Failed to create backup folder]" "$(cat $TEMPLATE_FILE)"

this is the sending script

Now=$(date +"%Y-%m-%d")
SSMTP="$(which ssmtp)"


echo "To: $1" > $TEMPLATE
echo "From: $2" >> $TEMPLATE
echo "Subject: $3" >> $TEMPLATE
echo " " >> $TEMPLATE
echo  "$4" >> $TEMPLATE


A couple of gotchas when running something from crontab:

  • One's path in crontab is more limited than when at a console. This can be fixed by making sure the scripts have a line like PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin near the beginning of the script
  • Scripts with "bashism"s in them have a hard time running from cron. The easiest way to fix this is to make sure the very first line of the scripts is the line #!/bin/bash by itself. More explanation and discussion of bashisms: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/Bashism
  • Hello Thanks or the insight. so basically my fault was not having the #!/bin/bash for the email sending script if I understood well. – black sensei Feb 2 '14 at 11:22
  • Hello I have tried couple of things for example adding #!/bin/bash to the email sending script. I have also used the source command to call the email script(either source "$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh" or "./$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh") I have used , I have changed the sh at the beginning to /bin/sh "$SCRIPT_PATH/s3_backup_email_sender.sh" and still no success – black sensei Feb 5 '14 at 9:59
  • #!/bin/bash has to be the very first line. If you want more help, please edit the question and post the entire scripts here. – samiam Feb 5 '14 at 17:12
  • I have pasted it in the main question. thank you and both scripts have #!/bin/bash – black sensei Feb 8 '14 at 12:25

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