For the past week or so, I'm trying to install Kile in Debian 7.3 kde desktop after installing TexLive 2013 from a CTAN mirror (downloading the installer in a home directory, decompressing it in install-tl-20140123 and launching the /.install-tl). I had installed perl-tk but apparently it doesn't work when called by /.install-tl so I had to make-do with the text interface. I installed a small version of TeXLive (13 or so packages for a tot of ~730MB). Now, when I go to install Kile from Synaptick Package Manager I get many packages automatically ticked for installation including texlive-common,texlive-base, luatex. From what I've read on the Internet, I need to fool the system into believing it already has those packages by creating so-called dummy packages so the system only installs Kile. Is there someone who has a correct and easy guide on how to do so?


See TeX Live and Debian/Ubuntu: Integrating vanilla TeX Live with Debian.If that doesn't work for you, TeX - LateX Stack Exchange is probably a better place to ask than here.

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