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In windows server to provide access to USB devices are managed by GFI EndpointSecurity. Is there any open source tool in Linux which can do the same job. I want to block USB devices based on device class. I am looking for a add-on or some set of commands. I want to install the add-on in Linux server and provide access to client systems based on groups.

tried out

I have seen post on 'how to block usb storage devices in linux'. as shown here.

  • I guess you could write custom udev rules that accept or reject certain USB devices based on their class/IDs. I don't know if there's a readymade tool for that though. – Martin von Wittich Jan 30 '14 at 16:36
  • Since, on linux, one can set the default mount permissions to nodev,noexec,nosuid, there is little demand for such blocking. As @MartinvonWittich says, custom udev rules would do it. – John1024 Jan 30 '14 at 19:11

Blocking USB devices based on various attributes (including the class and/or protocol) or even conditions (e.g. "if this device is connected, then" or "if the local time is in this range, then") is possible using USBGuard.

Here's an example rule that blocks a specific class of USB devices:

block with-interface one-of { 02:*:* e0:*:* }

The rule will block any USB device that contains an interface from either the Wireless class (02:XX:XX) or Communications class (e0:XX:XX).

HW vendors don't always follow the USB class and protocol hierarchy and use a vendor specific class instead (FF:00:00) and implement the functionality in a vendor-specific driver instead. In that case, you'll have to block the device based on different attributes.

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