Let's say we have opened more than 10 screens in the screen program. How to switch to a screen using Ctrl+A, n where n > 9?

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There are three ways to do it

  1. CTRL + A + " will give you a graphical list of your windows that you can scroll around in.
  2. CTRL + A + ' will give you a prompt to type a screen number.
  3. CTRL + A + n (or p) will take you next window, let us say you are on window 9 and if you press this, it will take you to next (or previous) window
  • I would say that the second way is closest. Commented Jan 28, 2014 at 15:43

Try to use: C-a "

or you can use: C-a ' this will open a switch to window prompt where you can type in any number.

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