I'm currently looking at an existing script that have something like this:

variable='val1 val2 val3 val4'

Is this another way of setting an array? If not, what is it?


This is a variable with a string assigned to it.

variable='val1 val2 val3 val4'

You can tell it's a string when we output it using echo:

$ echo $variable
val1 val2 val3 val4

Example of an array

To define that series of elements as an array you could do the following:

$ variable=(val1 val2 val3 val4)

When you echo out variables that are defined as arrays, you'll get just the first element returned, like so:

$ echo $variable

To see specific elements in the array, you can provide an index:

$ echo ${variable[0]}
$ echo ${variable[2]}

Or all of them:

$ echo ${variable[@]}
val1 val2 val3 val4
  • @casey Ah, good catch, deleted. – Chris Down Jan 29 '14 at 2:22
  • @ChrisDown - sorry I thought you realized that and were just giving another position if it were Bash. – slm Jan 29 '14 at 2:23

That is not an array. To create that as an array you would use

set -A variable val1 val2 val3 val4

which would assign val1 to variable[0], and so on.

What you have there appears to just be values joined by spaces () into a single string.

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