Let us say I run

screen -R myscreen.

Then, I run commands on myscreen that are bigger than my monitor size so I end up loosing the visibility of the first commands I run.

Then, I do Ctrl+d to leave the screen.

Now I want to see all the commands I ran in myscreen. How would I do that? How would I see all the history in myscreen? If I do screen -R myscreen I am attaching myscreen but I can only see the latest commands but they are truncated by the size of my actual monitor and I don't know how to navigate up...

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    You mean Ctrl+a d, don't you? Ctrl+d would close the shell, and then you lose the scroll back buffer anyway. – Martin von Wittich Jan 26 '14 at 22:51

Screen maintains its own scroll back buffer. You can access it like so:


You can then use the arrow keys to move up and down through this scroll back buffer. When done hit Esc again to get out of it.

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