I have an application in graphical interface that when I run it, it's not opened in full screen mode, but when I use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Ctrl+M , it becomes fullscreen, I want to change the default behavior of the app to be opened in fullscreen mode.

I want to write a shell script to send this shortcut keys when I open the application, can you help me?

  • Is this a proprietary app or public? Name of app? If there's a command line switch that you can use to start your app in full screen that would certainly be preferred over a script that sends key strokes to the app. Does the app have a man page or user manual?
    – bsd
    Commented Jan 26, 2014 at 20:10

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You can find a small tool called sendxkeys here. Using this you should be able to inject key presses into your X server. After compiling it, I'm guessing that

./sendxkeys :0 64 37 58

would insert ALT+CTRL+M into your X server running on display :0 (I may be wrong about the exact keycodes though). This can then easily be used in a script, e.g. something like:

/path/to/your/application & # the & is to start in background
sleep 1 # wait a short while so that the application is running
/path/to/sendxkeys :0 64 37 58 # may need other keycodes

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