I have written a script which is deployed just by putting it in a globally accessible location for all users. I want to log the usage of this script.

Is there a way in Linux to find out how many times a file was read/accessed?
And if possible to determine by who ?

Edit: I do not have the root privileges, and auditd isn't an option, since its not already available.


Not with the default ext2/3/4 linux file system, I think your only solution is to log the usage of your file into a log file (but people could find that file and modify it.
So my advice would be to use a small web service (PHP, Python or even perl that increment a value in a db so people could not change the value easily).

Edit 1:
Well it seems some software could accomplish such a task see the post
Script to count number of times a file has been accessed

Edit 2 (as state by commentators):
You can start with a good tutorial on auditd deamon.
And also search google or Duck duck go for auditd which is the name of the deamon you will need.

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    @deowood it takes me a 2 minutes search to find this, you could try to make your homework before asking that fast next time. ;-)
    – Kiwy
    Jan 24 '14 at 8:57
  • I did my homework, but had no success; probably wrong choice of keywords!
    – deowood
    Jan 24 '14 at 11:00

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