Using the command 'top' I can see 2 python scripts are running. However, how do I check their names or directory/location? I want to identify them so I can see what is running properly and what isn't.

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    lsof -p $PID would be a good start. $PID can also be a comma-delimited list of PIDs. Also, tons of data will be exposed in /proc/$PID/. – DopeGhoti Jan 24 '14 at 4:43

You can get a list of python processes using pgrep:

pgrep -lf python

This, however, does not list the whole command line. If you have a recent version of pgrep you can use -a to do this:

pgrep -af python

Otherwise, you can use /proc:

IFS=" " read -ra pids < <(pgrep -f python)
for pid in "${pids[@]}"; do
    printf '%d: ' "$pid"
    tr '\0' ' ' < "/proc/$pid/cmdline"

I usually use ps -fA | grep python to see what processes are running.

This will give you results like the following:

UID     PID   PPID  C STIME TTY      TIME     BIN            CMD
user    3985  3960  0 19:46 pts/4    00:00:07 path/to/python python foo.py

The CMD will show you what python scripts you have running, although it won't give you the directory of the script.

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