So I know that an underscore (_) is considered part of a word in vim. Working with Python, I normally end up having a lot of underscores. Is there a way to select part of a word excluding the underscore? For example in long_name, I'd just love to quickly select long.

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If you want, you can use

:set iskeyword-=_

...which will mean that underscores are no longer counted as parts of a word (this doesn't affect WORDs). You can reverse this with:

:set iskeyword+=_

These can easily be set to some keybinding:

:nnoremap <f2> :set iskeyword-=_
:nnoremap <s-f2> :set iskeyword+=_

Someone with a bit with a bit more vimscripting skill than I could probably work out a way to have a toggle button, rather than separate on and off keys.

  • Also, :set iskeyword& can reset it to its default according to vim doc.
    – Chase T.
    Jun 14, 2018 at 20:01

Have a look at vim-textobj-underscore plugin.

Excerpt from the README:

The textobj-underscore plugin provides two new text-objects which are triggered by a_ and i_ respectively. You can use them when you have to deal with the following type of words:


Now, suppose you have to change bar to qux (* for cursor position). You can do the following:


and type ci_ to get


Or you can type da_ to get foobar


You can use my camelcasemotion plugin; it provides motions to jump to each fragment, and text objects to select / work on such part (both including and excluding the underscore).


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