I'm suffering from a very slow shutdown/reboot with Arch Linux, so I followed the instructions given here to enable logging.

So here is the log generated during (slow) reboot that unfortunatelly I can't analyze by myself. Can someone help me please to understand where the problem is?

PS: According to that article I've also tried rebooting with sync && reboot -f and it goes super fast.


I think this is a systemd bug that has been fixed in systemd-208-11. Arch is still at systemd-208-10 on my system.

See bug listed here.

See bug fixes listed here.


Luca, it looks like you have a problem with your Avahi setup, it might be causing the delay in shutting down.

What I would do is compare the log you posted with the log if you do sync && reboot -f using xxdiff and see if that gives you an indication.

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