I set pure Openbox desktop on FreeBSD 10 and I am usingn lxappearance for theme, font and icon changes.
but if i do $ > lxappearance I can't install icon themes or GTK+ themes. if i do $ > sudo lxappearance and install icons or themes; those themes would not be in lxappearance list when i run lxappearance without sudo.
if i select a theme by $ > sudo lxappearance whether GTK+ or Icon theme, thoes themes would only applies to root not my account.

PS: i have a solution and that's putting the icons and gtk+ in a folder that is in ~ my home directory. but i don't know what would be the path and if they would be picked up by lxappearance?

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/usr/local/share/themes # for GTK+ 2&3
/usr/local/share/icons # for ICON Sets

~/.conf/gtk-3.0/settings.ini #for gtk3 config
~/gtkrc-2.0 #for gtk-2 config

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