I think an example is in order. Consider I have these two environment variables setup (by a Continuous Delivery tool): PACKAGE_VER=1.2.3 and USE_VERSION_FROM=PACKAGE_VER.

What I want now is a script that can't predict the name of the variable pointing out 1.2.3, only USE_VERSION_FROM. And so, I'm looking for a way to get my script to know the version to use (1.2.3) without knowing anything other than that USE_VERSION_FROM points out the name of the variable that holds the version number.

My naïve non-working first attempt:


This is "indirect parameter expansion" as described in the bash manual

Note, it's not strictly necessary to provide quotes on a variable assignment a=$b vs a="$b" -- word splitting is not performed during an assignment (can't find the reference for that just now)

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