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I have to create a script that will mount my /usr folder as aufs.

I compressed it using squashfs. I've managed to install a working systemd init in ubuntu which I am currently using. Because the mounting procedure in systemd is almost parallel, relying on fstab will not work and I have to use .mount scripts. The reason why I could not rely on fstab is because it is required to mount the squashfs as readonly first then I would remount it as aufs for it to be read-write. When I use upstart again, the script shall work assisting the fstab and also mounting the /usr as aufs in the process. I am almost done with the script but my script should not work when I use systemd because it may collide with the .mount files.

Is there any way to check whether I run systemd or upstart in a bash script?

I tried using if [ -e /sys/fs/cgroup/systemd ] ; then exit 2 but it did not work when I use upsatrt.

I've also check this but it doesn't answer my question completely.

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