Overview: I have a home setup, behind a home router, on which there is Proxmox Hypervisor running over 10 VMs. One of those VMs is the first point of entry after router. It is just a jump host Centos 64bit. On the router all port 22 requests are forwarded to that VM. Then through that VM I control the rest of the VMs.

Problem: For the last 3 days I have been experiencing a high number of random SSH disconnects. Minutes after I ssh to the jump host or other VMs through the jump host, I get disconnected for no apparent reason. Sometimes it is after 20 minutes, sometimes 5. It seems like using vi makes it worse. I really cannot figure out what is causing it. The system is very stable most of the time.

Question: I started checking the logs. I don't see anything other than disconnect received and so on. So how exactly should I proceed to check for this issue? Should I check client side logs first? /var/log/secure on the jump host VM? logs on hypervisor level?

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This rather sound like a network or firewall related problem.

Are there any hardware-firewalls in front? Do they drop connections after inactivity?

Try to activate the ssh-heartbeat - this might keep your ssh-sessions up and running.

  • i ll look into ssh-heartbeat. It disconnects while I am typing on command line so it is not the inactivity issue unfortunately. I found something on hypervisor level though. Proxmox is logging proxmox kernel: vmbr0: port 11(tap110i0) entering disabled state I m digging into that issue now... Jan 21, 2014 at 4:53

Never mind. I figured out the issue. Unfortunately after days of digging, it happened to be the cable. I have asked the person who runs the server in his home to check the cable and he said he did checked the cable and it was ok. But it wasn't...

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