I'd like to have a local directory be mounted upon logging into a remote server via SSH. So if I were to ssh into foo.bar.com as user baz then there would be a directory mounted in /home/baz/roaming - that corresponds to my local workstations roaming dir - for the length of my connection.

My local workstation in this case is a Mac, but the methodology is likely more generally *nix in nature. Most likely an SSH wrapper would be necessary that performs some sort of mount related actions after a new ssh connection occurs.

Has anyone done this? Suggestions or existing utilities would be very helpful!

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    If you can SSH back from whence you came, you could probably do some .bashrc magic to use sshfs to mount a location on the system you logged in from at $HOME/mnt. – DopeGhoti Jan 16 '14 at 19:56

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