My embedded linux app sometimes outputs the text like this:

root@variscite /mnt/nfs$ ./test

GPIO_IMX6_C: i=1 cannot open GPIO device file /sys/class/gpio/gð½Å¢ j¤Ôè Uêêª eú5¥Jõ¹¹2¥±zåͽ±Í?:e½½:e½Å¢j¤Ôè Uêêª 2¥±zåͽ±Í?:e½½:e½åj¤Ôè eú5¥Jõº¹¹½?zU¹:A%="? Uêêª 2¥±zåͽ±Í?:e½½:e½åj¤Ôè eú5¥Jõ¹¹½?zU¹:A%="? Uêêª 2¥±zåͽ±Í?:e½½:e½Å¢Âj¤ÔȪWKV.¤ËR-k®W«U¹:A%="? פ¬,]Z»Y1 DEBUG[0700]: Fan Control Board: Fan control Write byte ... call CreateServerSocket...9600

Set attrib

Any ideas, what could cause this?

  • Looks like something you are accessing is encrypted. – Kevdog777 Jan 16 '14 at 16:46
  • Could be that you are trying to print from a buffer that is not null terminated. For example a buffer that is not big enough to contain "cannot open GPIO device file /sys/class/gpio/g" – Kotte Jan 16 '14 at 16:48

Your application is printing some garbage. You can't do anything about that except fix the application.

Garbage characters could also be non-ASCII characters printed in the wrong locale, but given that the garbage occurs immediately after a legitimate-looking string and the application doesn't seem to be trying to print non-English text, an application bug is the most likely — quite possibly it's appending garbage to a string because some C code is missing the part where it should add the null terminator at the end of a string buffer.

If the application happens to print certain escape sequences, this could have lasting effects. Try tput reset or reset to reset the terminal to a default configuration.

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