I'm running Linux Mint 9.

I installed Argyll and gnome-color-manager but neither of those have a GUI. I need to configure my monitor colors. Right now the white looks a little yellow etc. and I want to do photo editing in Gimp. How can I get my monitor ICC calibrated?

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There is hardware calibration available for Linux, if you can find the hardware to do so. The Sp*der 1 and 2 are allegedly supported. The Sp*der 3 maybe.

Here is an article on using the Pantone Huey (another inexpensive device that is actually supported on Linux). The X-Rite Eye-One Display is also supposedly supported, but can find no instructive links, though this one is positive.

This topic is not simple and cannot be summarized in a single posting easily. Here are a couple of useful links on hardware calibration with the Sp*der and ArgyllCMS.

The Linux Photography blog also has this article on dispcalGUI here.

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