When I reopen irssi, I'd like to display - easily and from inside irssi - previous conversations of a chan, or a query window with specific user (mostly for private conversation in bitlbee).

I can obviously find logs, it's set in my ~/.irssi/config :

autolog_path = "~/.irclogs/$tag/$0.log";

but i can't display them in active and corresponding irssi window.

That seems a basic chat feature I'd like to enjoy.

  • Indeed, i like that feature as well (i think its very important, esp. if you have quite a lot of personal querys). – Bonsi Scott Jan 13 '14 at 15:40

I'm using a script for this, at least this does do log playback in private chats:


By changing return unless (ref $witem && $witem->{type} eq 'QUERY'); to #return unless (ref $witem && $witem->{type} eq 'QUERY'); this can also be used for playback of Chatlogs regarding irc-channels as well.

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  • Thanks ! That does the trick, even if it's basic. For the record, you can increase the resume (line 61) from irssi : /set queryresume_lines xx If anyone knows better, please share ! – Pierre Fumet Jan 21 '14 at 17:40

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